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Ravi Reads 8: Hop, Skip & Jump to Leadership

I have finally finished reading this book. After every chapter, I just stunned how magically Jagan is giving wonderful advice, showing the real-life problems/decisions, etc.

Learning from each chapter is captured through acronyms to help the reader remember easily Hop, Skip & Jump to Leadership.

We are all leaders and Jagan gives us very good information in all of his suggested reference books in leadership. Through them, I learn to see myself. And understand the others much better. In one sentence this book is a modern encyclopedia about Leadership.

If you are filling a leadership position, please get a copy of this little book, read it through once then read each chapter two times separately. It will change how you lead and it will change your life.

A must recommendation​ to understand leadership & self-improvement in simple ways. Go ahead & read. I guarantee you will enjoy it.

About the Author:

Jagan's career spans over 25 years and a large part of his career delivered learning programs across hierarchies on various management topics. he has trained, coached and guided teams towards a focused objective under pressure. Through his expertise, he developed several MNOCs on topics like problem-solving, decision making, and goal setting. Over the years more than 20,000 People across India and abroad have benefited from Jagan's insightful programs. He is passionate about ancient Vedic wisdom and applies it to understanding human behaviour.

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