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Rishvin and Jaanvi By Aromal Mitra Book Review

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

I thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself in "RISHVIN AND JAANVI: MYSTERY AT THE FORT AND OTHER STORIES" by Aromal Mithra. The delightful and heartwarming tales of Rishvin and Jaanvi navigating adventurous journeys, confronting challenges with courage and resourcefulness, impart valuable lessons on overcoming fear. Aromal Mithra's vivid storytelling skillfully painted each scene in my mind. I stumbled upon this gem on Amazon while searching for children's books, and the effortlessly flowing narrative, devoid of over-dragging, made it a truly delightful read. I highly recommend this heartwarming book—kudos to Amazon for bringing it to my attention!

Rishvin and Jaanvi By Aromal Mitra Book Cover

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