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Ravi Reads 1: Paalavelli

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

I have no idea why it’s titled "Paalavelli" until I start reading it. This Title only grabbed me to read this book.Author Amazingly narrated, I could visualize most of the locations and characters. This Book is a collection of 11 Wonderful Stories.

Most of the stories that are not just one-time stuff, I am sure that I will read them again. 

Try it, if you are a Telugu Lover you would love Paalavelli. Stories.....

My most liked Stories from Paalavelli are “Nandivardhanam”, “Lakshmi Nivasam”, “Ganga Jamuna Nagar”,  and "Mokalla Parvatham"

About Author:

Uday Arumilli Software Enginner by Profession. But his passion made him Author this is the Third book. His Previous Books are SQLThe One and Shavukaru.

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