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The Agathokakological Aussie Summer, an anthology of short stories will be launched on 2nd December

Words can weave magic, words can transcend borders and geographical barriers, instilling a bond that even pandemic restrictions cannot challenge. A unique project bringing Australia and India closer during the COVID-19 Pandemic, The Agathokakological Aussie Summer, an anthology of short stories flipping between the Australian shores and Indian cities, will be launched on 2nd December. The mosaic is forwarded and will be released by Australian High Commissioner to India, Hon’ble Barry O’Farrell AO and introduced by Indian Consul General in Sydney, Manish Gupta. The anthology has stories by well-known authors from different parts of the globe. The only South-Asian author chosen from India, is author, poet and entrepreneur Saheli Mitra (author of internationally launched Lost Words and co-author of Penguin launched People Called Kolkata), who resides in Kolkata. Her story ‘Unborn,’ traces the deep love and passion between a Bengali man in Australia and a woman who resides in Kolkata, sending a strong message of how love can conquer everything, may be even the anxieties of a Pandemic or death of an unborn child!

Edited by Dr Sharon Rundle of the Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd), Australia and Chair, of prestigious UTS Writers’ Alumni and facilitated by Indranil Halder, passionate entrepreneur and fashion icon of Australia, the book traces the literary bond between India and Australia.

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