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Ravi Reads 7: Vikasitha

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

IT is the dream crop of this generation. Status, Earning, Respect - This is a picture that everyone is imagining. But on the second side of the coin. Read, seat, job, promotion, stability, the family are all issues. Psychological traumas, social crises, and political drama are haunting shadows. Love, marriage ... mess. The loneliness and partying that the business culture carries. Many questions remain unanswered.

New conflicts emerging in the youth. New feelings emanating from this conflict. Another new generation in the symbol of those feelings. A stalemate between old and new. The quest for a better way in this negotiated era. This is a reflection of the conflicts that have arisen and blossomed in the "Vikasita" social purity .. Nithya, Akshay, Rajamouli, Akash, Ashrita ... Presentation Shots. Read .. Bloom...

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