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Ravi Reads 6: Godavari Kathalu

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

If you are coming from the village background I am sure this book touches your heart. This book will take back to your childhood days.

Romanticism and originality of Godavari people's culture perfectly served in this book. In this Book, Every Story has its Emotion.

Some of the Stories which I liked most from Godavari Kathalu

  • Gundello Godari

  • Adee- Vaadu-Chepa

  • Pushkarala Revulo Pullatlu

  • Idam Brahmam

  • Office lo Aavakaya- Gonthulo Velakkaya

  • Byraagi

If you are a Telugu Fictional Stories reader I am sure you will love Godavari Kathalu Stories...

About the Author:

B.V.S Ramarao is a popular Columnist in various magazines like Jyothi Chitra, Andhra Jyothi, Bala Jyothi. He is Brother of Famous Artists B.V Satyamurthy and Famous Psychologists Dr.B.V Pattabhi Ram, B.V Satya Nagesh.

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